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Enfakid A+ has long been an advocate of supporting brain development and learning early on, through proper nutrition and mental stimulation. In line with this, Enfakid A+ has strived to provide children's milk with high levels of the brain-building nutrient DHA. Now, Enfakid A+ increases its DHA content by 39% versus previous formulation to give your child 75mg per day significantly higher than other children's milk brands.




After 3 years, your child's brain continues to grow & develop, converting experience into knowledge. Appropriate nutrition and stimulation of the child's senses are critical to his development, and lead to advanced cognitive abilities such as reasoning, inference and logic. This helps support your child's learning process.

Adequate nutrition is also important for the proper development of a child. A well-nourished child has better body resistance, therefore supports his learning potential.

Enfakid A+ is formulated with Triple Protection Guard, a unique blend of nutrients including DHA, Dietary Fibers (FOS & Inulin), Zinc, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Enfakid A+ is designed to provide 75mg* DHA per day in 3 servings. With a child's usual diet, it helps to support the FAO/WHO recommendation for daily DHA intake.

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