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Skin Care


Vitamin E Night Oil

LKR 950.00

Nourishing Night Oil (NNO) is an applicap designed for nourishing, rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin. It helps in overcoming dry skin conditions, under eye darkness & reduces wrinkles and fine lines which contains Natural Jojoba oil and natural Vitamin E.



NNO Suitable for

Whoever searching for a natural solution that moisturizes , revitalizes and penetrate to the skin effectively to prevent and treat dry skin , under eye circles, fine lines ,wrinkles within a shorter period of time.

Directions of using the applicaps

  • Wash or cleanse your face before applying.
  • Break the tip of NNO applicap with a sharp object or using finger nails.
  • Pour the content on your palm.
  • Massage the oil well onto the face, neck and below the eyes, with a circular motion of the fingers.
  • Let it be work and nourish your skin throughout the sleep


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