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BIONA for Men

BIONA for Men

LKR 2,230.00

Vitamins & Supplements
BIONA for Men

- A comprehensive formula containing essential nutrient supplements and anti oxidants which
supports the growth of hair, skin and nails
- It supports skin to rejuvenate itself and appear younger and healthy
- BIONA protects against the aging of skin tissues which causes wrinkles, restores moisture in dry
skin, useful in reducing acne/pimples and scars
- Rich, shiny, strong hair without dandruff 
- Protects skin from sunburn and other damaging effects of UV radiation



General Description
Ingredients: Biotin 45mcg, Zinc 15mg, N-Acetyl Cysteine 50mg,
Pantothenic Acid 15mg

Dosage: One tablet two times a day after food. Swallow with
water or a cold drink. Not to be chewed. Regular intake is
recommended and there is no maximum length of time over
which BIONA may be used. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

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