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Adult Nutrition


Sustagen Vanilla

RS 1,700.00

A powdered nutritional supplement which is made up as a drink with milk.

It contains 14 vitamins and minerals and is suitable for;

  • Busy professionals
  • People on the go

Sustagen® is formulated supplementary foods which can be of assistance where dietary intakes of nutrients and energy may not be adequate.



Nutritional deficiency (prophylaxis and treatment)—Enteral nutritional formulas are indicated to provide nutritional support for individuals with impaired digestion or specialized nutritional support for individuals with special nutritional needs. Enteral nutrition formulas may be the sole source of nutrition or a partial supplement to the diet. Under most circumstances, enteral feeding is preferred over parenteral feeding

Enteral Nutrition formulas are designed into varying formula types: blenderized, disease-specific, fiber-containing, milk based, modular, monomeric, and polymeric.





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