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Hair Tonic

LKR 3,850.00

YOHMOTONIC is a hair tonic to be used externally by both men and women.

It can effectively cleanse the scalp and hair follicles while replenishing the roots with essential nutrients. Use Yohmotonic to prevent dull and dry hair, split ends and unhealthy hair that can break and fall off easily or to keep smooth, shiny but not oily, soft and manageable hair that is good to touch and smell.




Directions: Apply Yohmotonic once or twice daily to towel-dried hair and gently massage the scalp with fingers.

  • With regular use of Sankyo Yohmo Tonic, it will: 
    • Eliminate scalp itch
    • Keep your hair soft, shiny and manageable
    • Prevent the formation of dandruff
    • Prevent hair depilation after sickness
    • Protect your healthy scalp and hair
    • Prevent split ends and hair breakage

  • Frequent use of Sankyo Yohmo Tonic helps to strengthen your hair against damage from over exposure to the sun and chemical hair treatments.


 Benzethonium chloride (hyamine), dl-a-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), raluben, caster oil, prepared perfume (for yohmotonic) q s, ethanol


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